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La Chouette School is a private bilingual nursery school in London that offers children aged 12 months old to 6 years old:

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Bilingual Education
(English / French)

In today’s society, speaking at least 2 languages is not only enriching in many ways, but has also become the norm. London being the cosmopolitan capital that it is, makes bilingual education all the more important for your child who, through La Chouette School, will have the opportunity to naturally acquire an additional language.

Personalised Learning Journal

We strive to make our journeys memorable for our parents and our children, and capture moments within our personalised learning journals which gives you fantastic evidence of a close relationship between the our nursery and home.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Our Nursery compliments our curriculum by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities which vary depending upon which nursery your child attends. We believe that this enhances children’s experiences and skills and supports them in all areas of their development.

Our Gallery

Take a look at our daily activities and events at La Chouette School. See what our lovely students have been up to.

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New Premises!

New Premises! We are trilled to announce the school will be moving to a great...

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