Magali Amar

Co-founder and Head of La Chouette School

Having done a degree in "Foreign Language and Literature and Civilization" and in "Education Sciences", Magali then underwent her teacher training at ‘CFP Emmanuel Mounier’ in Paris and was awarded her postgraduate teaching certificate by the French teaching council: "Professorat des Ecoles", in 2005.

Although Magali started her teaching career in Paris, she followed her husband to London, where she taught in an independent school.

Magali is passionate about education and its methodologies as well as greatly enjoying teamwork. These, along with her hard work and dedication, are reflected in the glowing reports she has received from "l’Education Nationale". Furthermore, she has completed several teacher-training days to add to her professional experience.

At the heart of La Chouette School, Magali is behind its teaching, recruitment and the general well being of the school.

Julien Amar

Co-founder and Financial Director of La Chouette School


School Business Manager


Deputy Manager, Designated Safeguarding Leader & TPS teacher


PS/MS/GS Teacher, Head's Assistant  & Designated Safeguarding Leader


TPS Teacher


PS/MS/GS Teacher


TPS  Teaching Assistant


PS/MS/GS Teaching Assistant


Lunch supervisor & School's Assistant


Early Years Consultant 

Miss Pascale

Dance Teacher


Music class


Sports class

Pre-school is a very important founding part of a child’s life, and with this in mind, La Chouette School has been created as a result of several matters close to heart:

The vital need to learn about “Well-being” from a very young age

Well-being” is a very important part of home and school life, and its position in relation to personal development, autonomy and self-confidence is essential. Our aim is to see children relaxed and confident enough to explore while learning; children who feel valued and at ease to express themselves in front of others.

"Well-being’’ has a direct impact on "Knowledge" and "Know-How" which is why La Chouette School considers its essential pillars of learning to be: Well-being, Know-How and Knowledge.

Acquiring a second or, in some cases, a third language

We are lucky to be living in an international and vibrant city such as London, which is why we believe that offering a bilingual education to children from the age of 2 has many advantages (especially cognitive). It is in these early years that children are at their most receptive to picking up new languages, so what better time to benefit from this opportunity to give them that fantastic start in life!

Raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet

It has become essential to protect our environment and to care for the future of our planet. Children are our future: Our aim is to shape them into responsible citizens, respectful of their environment.

  • Hence, La Chouette School endeavours to create a caring environment where children feel valued, which in turn allows them to acquire the essential skills needed to grow, develop and blossom into confident beings.
  • The staff at La Chouette School, are a dynamic and experienced team whose goal is to provide a happy environment for children, filled with the best possible educational materials.
  • Additionally, La Chouette School favours small classes, which increase the quality of your child’s education.

In today’s society, speaking at least 2 languages is not only enriching in many ways, but has also become the norm.
London being the cosmopolitan capital that it is, makes bilingual education all the more important for your child who, through La Chouette School, will have the opportunity to naturally acquire an additional language.

The programme is taught in both French and English, which means that the children does not just learn these languages but is in fact learning through them. This is what is meant by true bilingualism through immersion.

Subsequently, your child is taught in French in the morning and in English in the afternoon, or vice versa.

A prerequisite at La Chouette School is that all teachers be native language speakers so as to ensure that your child hears and speaks the two languages as best as possible.


La Chouette School includes in its programme «Knowledge and Understanding of the World» in which discovery and awareness of our environment is a major part.

In addition to this, the school takes into account its local and immediate surroundings in order to fully establish this aim. We want to teach children from a very young age to care for their environment, through for instance recycling, so as to make these a natural part of their daily lives.


OFSTED Our standards follow guidelines of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) of the U.K. Government. We also provide a safe and clean environment. Our staff and teachers all have the health and safety of your child foremost in mind. This is also reflected in the school facilities and its maintenance.

Affiliations and membership

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Preschool Learning Alliance United Kingdom La Chouette School is a member of The Pre‑school Learning Alliance, which is the leading Early Years organisation set up to provide support for settings and families for children under 5.